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The Centreville Clinic

Family Medicine and Maternity Care in Vernon, BC.


Suite 301 3210 25 Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 1P1
Located on the second and third floors of the Sterling Centre in Vernon, BC.


9 AM to 5 PM M-F, closed for lunch. Please check with our staff regarding availability of particular physicians.

How To Contact Us?

Phone: 250-549-1245
Fax: 250-275-7460


Lena, Georgia, Karen, Amy, Menchie, Ashley, Joy, Tanicia

PHYSICIANS (Second Floor)
Dr. Chris Cunningham
Dr. Paul Mori
PHYSICIANS (Third Floor)
Dr. Lindsey Fisher
Dr. Stephen Friesen
Dr. Jeff Kwantes
Dr. Lindsay Kwantes
Dr. Aisha Manji
Dr. Brett Poulin
Dr. J. Andrew Spencer
Dr. Emily Stevenson

Dr. Paul Mori has joined the Centreville clinic in January 2020.

Patient Information

Patient Test Results - You may either book an appointment or view your results on MyHealthPortal. We do not give patient results over the phone.

Families and Parenting
Cancer Screening
Health Info (Mayo)

About Our Clinic

The Centreville name is historical. In 1885, Charles Brewer and E.J. Tronson laid out a townsite in the North Okanagan Valley and called it "Centreville". In 1887, it was renamed "Vernon".
The "Centreville Clinic" was established in November of 2012.
Image courtesy of the Vernon Museum and Archives. Image 5029.